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За 2019 год пассажиропоток аэропорта Толмачёво увеличился на 800 тысяч пассажиров За 2019 год пассажиропоток аэропорта Толмачёво увеличился на 800 тысяч пассажиров

В прошлом году аэропорт Толмачёво обслужил 6 747 151 пассажира (+14,2%). Количество пассажиров на внутренних воздушных линиях составило 4 903 212 (+14,5%), на международных — 1 843 939 (+13,3%).

22 сентября 2014

The launch of rail services

NOVOSIBIRSK International Airport in cooperation with Express-Prigorod, Omsk-Prigorod and the Federal Passenger Company plans to launch a rail services connecting Novosibirsk and Omsk with the airport. The new project was created to improve transport accessibility of Novosibirsk airport and Novosibirsk city.


The new service will be convenient for passengers from Omsk departing from Novosibirsk airport to the cities of Eastern Siberia and the Far East in Russia, as well as to popular international destinations.


In January, 2015, as the second stage of the intermodal hub project will be launched a direct rail service on the route Berdsk  Novosibirsk Ob and vice versa. With the new service passengers will be able to arrive at the airport and leave the airport without delay regardless of the situation on the roads.


Passenger traffic data on this services will provide the basis for further development of the direct rail link to the airport, including the creation of express rail serivce with the construction of a rail terminal at the airport.


NOVOSIBIRSK International Airport is the largest air hub in Russia east of the Urals on major transit routes between Europe and Asia. The domestic terminal capacity makes up to 1,800 passengers per hour, while the capacity on international flights – up to 750 passengers per hour. The airport has two runways of ICAO I and II Categories. In 2013 the passenger traffic exceeded 3.7 mln passengers and cargo traffic totalled 29.9 thousand tons of cargo and mail handled.

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