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Информационное сообщение о переводе всех рейсов внутренних авиалиний в Сектор С Информационное сообщение о переводе всех рейсов внутренних авиалиний в  Сектор  С

АО «Аэропорт Толмачево» информирует о том, что 25.04.2023 в аэропорту Новосибирск (Толмачево) осуществляется перевод всех рейсов (вылет и прилет)  внутренних авиалиний в Сектор С.

30 мая 2014

NOVOSIBIRSK International Airport joined the World Cargo Airports Alliance (WCAA)

Along with Zhengzhou (China) and Frankfurt-Hahn (Germany) airports, NOVOSIBIRSK International Airport became a member of the World Cargo Airports Alliance (WCAA).


The organization was founded in May 2014 at the initiative of Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport and Frankfurt-Hahn Airport in order to create a cargo airports alliance that is cost effective, efficient and top class in customer services. Expectedly, WCAA will allow to attract more airline companies to operate among the Alliance airports due to client approach unification.


“It is a big honor for us to become a part of WCAA,” stated Sultan JARMUKHANOV, the First Deputy of the Director General of NOVOSIBIRSK International Airport. “Cooperation with the airports of Zhengzhou and Hahn will increase competitive advantages of the airlines operating into the WCAA airports, thus, providing the whole new level of service and, undoubtedly, optimizing supply chain connecting Europe, Russia and China.”


The entry of Novosibirsk Tolmachevo Airport into the Alliance reveals a positive sign for freight air carriers. “Considering the favourable geographical location, Novosibirsk air hub stands for one of the most accessible transit points to Europe. WCAA membership of Novosibirsk airport will significantly enhance competitiveness of the Alliance airports at large,” reported BST Logistics President Shen HONG. According to him, good collaboration between the major global air cargo hubs will guarantee the world economic development thanks to the extensive cargo flight network. BST Logistics performs cargo charter flights via Novosibirsk since 2006, currently, providing flights operation on a weekly basis.


NOVOSIBIRSK International Airport is the largest transit air hub in the Asian part of Russia. The airport has two runways, provides handling services of regular cargo flights for both Russian and foreign airlines such as AirBridgeCargo, Volga-Dnepr, Cargolux, Yangtze River Express, Nordic Global Airlines and others. Capacity of Tolmachevo Cargo freight complex makes up 50 thousand tons per year. In 2014 it expects to handle over 32 thousand tons of cargo and mail.

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