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В аэропорту Толмачёво открылась выставка к 65-летнему юбилею В аэропорту Толмачёво открылась выставка к 65-летнему юбилею

12 июля 2022 года аэропорт Толмачёво отметит 65-летие с начала выполнения регулярных пассажирских авиаперевозок. В этот день в 1957 году выполнен первый пассажирский рейс по маршруту Новосибирск – Москва на самолёте Ту-104.

9 января 2014

NOVOSIBIRSK International Airport operating results in 2013

For the period of 12 months in 2013, NOVOSIBIRSK International Airport demonstrated steady growth having served 3,748,211 passengers which is 14.7% higher than in 2012. The growth of passenger traffic on international routes made up 24.5% (1,556,907 passengers), on domestic routes – 8.7% (2,191,304 passengers).

In December 2013, passenger traffic grew by 14.7% (301,524 passengers) compared to the same period of the previous year. Traffic on domestic routes showed 169,597 passengers (+11.9%), on international – 131,927 (+18.5%). December 27, 2013, the airport registered over 3.7 mln passengers having exceeded the passenger traffic forecast for 2013. Moreover, positive passenger traffic rates allowed to serve the three millionth passenger 46 days ahead of the previous year’s result – on 14th October.

In January – December, the airport registered 41,676 aircraft movements (+12.4%), in December – 3,786 aircraft movements (+22.1).

For 12 months’ period, the airport reports of 29,947 tons of cargo and mail handled (+6.9%), including 2,940 tons (+7.9%) in December only.


During the year 2013 in cooperation with partner airlines Novosibirsk Tolmachevo airport launched several new routes such as Palma de Majorca, Shymkent, Kurgan Tyube, Samara and others as well as increased flight frequencies on the already operating destinations. Within the framework of the regional air transportation subsidy programme, the route network was extended with the range of flights commenced – to Barnaul, Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk, Tomsk, Strezhevoi, Abakan, Kyzyl, Tyumen, Omsk and Gorno-Altaisk. In 2013 Novosibirsk airport also started cooperation with the new passenger and cargo airlines including Aurora airlines, Ukraine International Airlines, Donavia, East Air, Nordic Global Airlines and others.


Passenger forecast for 2014 exceeds 4.2 mln passengers, while cargo and mail traffic is expected to be more than 32 thousand tons.

The airport considers commercial viability of launching new direct flights to such cities as Seoul, Milan, Tel Aviv, Helsinki, Kishinev, Issyk Kul, Ust Kamenogorsk, Saratov, Mineralnye Vody, Niznhy Novgorod and other destinations.


NOVOSIBIRSK International Airport is the largest air hub in Russia east of the Urals on major transit routes between Europe and Asia. The domestic terminal capacity makes up to 1,800 passengers per hour, while the capacity on international flights – up to 750 passengers per hour. The airport has two runways.

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