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В аэропорту Толмачево открылся пункт вакцинации В аэропорту Толмачево открылся пункт вакцинации

В медпункте аэропорта Толмачево 4 августа 2021 года  открылся пункт вакцинации против новой коронавирусной инфекции COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2)

4 декабря 2013

Passenger traffic grew by 16.2% in November

During eleven months in 2013 NOVOSIBIRSK International Airport served 3,446,687 passengers representing a 14.7% growth compared to the same period in 2012. Passenger traffic on domestic routes made up 2,021,707 passengers (+8.4%), on international routes – 1,424,980 (+25%).

In November 2013, the airport passenger traffic increased by 16.2% compared to the same period of the previous year and totaled 304,156 passengers. As reported, 167,131 passengers were served on domestic routes (+9.7%), while on international routes – 137,025 (+25.3%). On November 13, 2013, overall passenger traffic result of the year 2012 was exceeded – NOVOSIBIRSK International Airport reached 3.266 mln passengers level one and a half month earlier than in the year before.

In January-November of the current year the airport registered 37,890 aircraft movements (+11.5%), while in November alone – 3,810 aircraft movements (+19.5%).

Year-to-date, the airport reports of 27,034 tons of cargo and mail handled (+6.8%), including 2,719 tons in November only (+12.3%).

NOVOSIBIRSK International Airport is the largest air hub in Russia east of the Urals on major transit routes between Europe and Asia. The domestic terminal capacity makes up to 1,800 passengers per hour, while the capacity on international flights – up to 750 passengers per hour. The airport has two runways.

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