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В аэропорту Толмачёво открылась выставка к 65-летнему юбилею В аэропорту Толмачёво открылась выставка к 65-летнему юбилею

12 июля 2022 года аэропорт Толмачёво отметит 65-летие с начала выполнения регулярных пассажирских авиаперевозок. В этот день в 1957 году выполнен первый пассажирский рейс по маршруту Новосибирск – Москва на самолёте Ту-104.

5 апреля 2012

The Tolmachevo Airport is ready for all vagaries of spring weather

The Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring reports that this weekend the night temperature in Novosibirsk will be below zero, also wet snow and rain is expected.

Highly qualified personnel and a modern special machinery fleet of the Tolmachevo Airport are ready for ground handling procedures of all types of aircraft operating  scheduled passenger and cargo flights as well and unscheduled flights through the Novosibirsk Airport (Tolmachevo). In particular the Tolmachevo Airport is provided with two-month supply of reagents for anti-icing of aircrafts which volume is constantly updated.

It should be noted that in March 2012 the Tolmachevo Airport successfully passed the audit of one of the world's largest cargo airlines - Luxembourg's Cargolux, which operates up to 10 flights a week to Taiwan and China with technical landing in Novosibirsk. As part of the foreign audit were checked the readiness  of engineering and aviation Service personnel to perform works on the anti-icing protection  of aircrafts, technical condition of    Deicers (LMD-2000 and Tempest), the quality of de-icing fluids, as well as documentation for this activity. The Tolmachevo Airport has received a positive evaluation of work organization on the protecting of aircrafts from ground icing.


The Novosibirsk Airport (Tolmachevo)is the largest air hub east of the Urals located on key transit routes between Europe and Asia. The capacity on domestic flights is 1,800 passengers per hour, on international flights - 750 passengers per hour. The airport has two runways. According to business plan in 2012 The Tolmachevo Airport plans to serve 3,155 thousand passengers that is 14% higher than in 2011.

Over the entire period of monitoring  since 1957 the Tolmachevo Airport's meteorologists recorded  the absolute minimum of - 26.5 C and an absolute maximum of 31.5 C in April.

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