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В аэропорту Толмачево открылся пункт вакцинации В аэропорту Толмачево открылся пункт вакцинации

В медпункте аэропорта Толмачево 4 августа 2021 года  открылся пункт вакцинации против новой коронавирусной инфекции COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2)

10 января 2012

Christmas Eve 2012 in Tolmachevo

January 6 2012 Novosibirsk airport (Tolmachevo) received the world's largest aircraft AN-225 "Mriya".

International flight № ADB3101 traveling from Stockholm (Sweden) through Novosibirsk (Russia) to Seoul (Korea) have landed at the airport (Tolmachevo) at 22:08 local time. The Aircraft had abulky cargo on it’s board.

Tolmachevo specialists have provided all necessary technical support for the aircraft. To continue the flight to Seoul (Korea), AN-225 tucked in 92 tons of fuel. On the Christmas night the unique aircraft was met  by spotters - fans of aviation photography, who came specially for this occasion from different Russian cities.

The previous visit of the world’s largest aircraft  AN-225 "Mriya" to the Novosibirsk airport (Tolmachevo) was in April 2010. The Novosibirsk airport (Tolmachevo) is one of the few Russian Airports is ready to accept and provide the necessary maintenance of this type of aircraft.


AN-225 "Mriya" (translated from Ukrainian - "Dream") - extra high capacity cargo aircraft developed by Development Design Office to them. Antonov. Project Manager - Victor I. Tolmachev. This unique transport plane was designed and built in Kyiv mechanical factory in the years 1984-1988.The main reason was the need to for buildng this aircraft  carry various rocket and spacecraft components    from the place of manufacture and assembly to the launch site. The first flight took place December 21, 1988. Originally it was planned to build two freighters but nowadays just one freighter is in flying condition and operated by Ukrainian company Antonov Airlines. This aircraft set about 250 world records. "Mriya" is listed in the "Guinness Book of Records."

The main characteristics of the aircraft AN-225:

Length - 84 m

Height - 18.1 m

Wing Span - 88.4 m

Wing area - 905 m ².

Capacity - up to 250 tons

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