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Андрей Травников и Александр Жуков провели совещание в аэропорту Толмачево Андрей Травников и Александр Жуков провели совещание в аэропорту Толмачево

Одной из главных тем совещания стала реализация проекта реконструкции участка автомобильной дороги федерального значения Р-254 «Иртыш»

28 февраля 2012

Getting ready for the summer season

Tolmachevo Airport started preparing to the spring and summer seasons.


Preparations includes briefings, both theoretical and practical sessions with the staff review.

Service of special vehicles and mechanization began preparing snowplows to clean the snow from the airport prior to melting. In addition, due to the forthcoming spring migration of birds, special attention is paid to ornithological safety.A visual surveillance and mapping routes of birds flights in the airfield area is carried out. As well as taking steps allowing to avoid birds nesting in the trees, located adjacent to the airport areas. To scare away birds exploited bioacoustic system.

Also, specialists will check the status of automatic fire-fighting equipment, protective equipment and fire alarm systems, efficiency of external and internal airport fire water supply, and the artificial surfaces marking of the airfield will be updated .

Experts note that the preparation for the spring-summer period goes according to the plan, which final phase will be completed in early May.Today, according to the applications filed by airlines, the schedule on the upcoming summer season, which will take effect from the first of April, is forming.

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