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Аэропорт Толмачёво перешёл на летнее расписание Аэропорт Толмачёво перешёл на летнее расписание

С 31 марта в аэропорту Толмачёво начало действовать летнее расписание с открытием новых рейсов, возобновлением сезонных маршрутов и увеличением частоты по ряду направлений.

22 февраля 2012

Safety first

In preparation for the election of the President of the Russian Federation rescue exercises took place at the Novosibirsk Airport (Tolmachevo). 

The purpose of the exercise was to work out cooperation of various departments in the event of a fire at a polling station located in the terminal A. In rescue operations were involved 80 search and rescue officers, health center, aviation security services, maintenance services and terminal linear department of internal affairs of the airport Tolmachevo.

The operation on fire prevention and passengers rescue conducted for 9 minutes. All involved in the rescue operations services worked smoothly and quickly, which suggests a high level of preparation for possible emergency situations.

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