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Международный аэропорт Новосибирск (Толмачево) приглашает к сотрудничеству Международный аэропорт Новосибирск (Толмачево) приглашает к сотрудничеству

Международный аэропорт Новосибирск (Толмачево) приглашает к сотрудничеству в сфере организации предприятий общественного питания и ритейла и предлагает принять участие в открытом запросе предложений на право заключения договоров субаренды недвижимого имущества и предоставления услуг части площади Аэровокзального комплекса, входящего в состав недвижимого имущества АО «Аэропорт Толмачево»

10 февраля 2012

The guests of the art exhibition at the Tolmachevo airport saw "Flights in dream and reality"

February 9, at the Tolmachevo airport the grand opening of personal exhibition of a member of the Russian Artists Union Sergey MOSIENKO "Flights in dream and reality" was held. It was dedicated to 55th anniversary of the airport.

That evening, representatives of business, social organizations and cultural community of Novosibirsk, as well as airport passengers were able to plunge into the magical world of paintings by Sergey MOSIENCO. According to the artist, the exhibition was dedicated to all those who still believe in miracles.

Valery BRODSKY, chief expert on culture of the Governor's Administration and the Government of Novosibirsk Region, congratulated the artists and visitors with the opening of the exhibition:

- Paintings by Sergei MOSIENKO are amazing in their impact, they are magical, unusual, exciting, and open up new faces. All visitors with a great desire  take pictures with these works of art and, therefore, want to carry at least a bit of magic with them.



Director of the Siberian Center for Contemporary Art, Anna TERESHKOVA stressed that admires creativity of the artist:

  - Sergey - one of my favorite artists. I'm happy when he pleases us with new works and exhibitions. Today, opening an exhibition at the airport, Sergei seemed rushed towards a new and perfect.

General Director of JSC "Airport Tolmachevo" Alexander BORODIN noted:

  - This exhibit - a gift for us and for all our passengers. In 2012 the airport Tolmachevo turns 55 years old, and throughout the year will be held celebrations, the first of which was the exhibition of one of the most famous artists of Novosibirsk. Each month through the airport is more than 200 000 passengers, and we hope that everyone will enjoy the amazing strength and beauty of the paintings by Sergey MOSIENKO.


Among the guests who attended the opening day of the exhibition "Flights in dream and reality" were Victor SAVINYKH, pilot-cosmonaut, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Alexander LAZUTKIN, pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of Russia, Alexander KAPTARENKO judge the All-Union category of table tennis.

The exhibition is open to visitors round the clock from  February 9 to April 10 in Terminal A on the 2nd floor in the lobby in front of the screening area.


Sergey MOSIENKOwas born July 15, 1948 in Latvia (in Jekabpils), in a family of frontline men. From 1967 he lived, studied and later worked in Novosibirsk. In 1972 at the engineering faculty NETI (now the State Technical University) defended his experimental diploma in design of metal cutting machines. For several years he taught on the faculties of NETI "Principles of Composition" and "Fundamentals of artistic design." Since 1985. - Member of the Union of Artists (now the Russian Union of Artists). He participated in more than 300 exhibitions, art competitions and promotions of various levels, both in Russia and abroad. The winner and the laureate of Russian and international exhibitions. Is a member of the Council for Culture and Arts under the governor of the Novosibirsk Region. Member of the Supervisory Board of the Novosibirsk State Art Museum. 

Holding art exhibitions at the airport Tolmachevo become a tradition. Passengers have already seen pictures of Novosibirsk artists Alexander SHURITSA , Eugene BARANOV, Anatoly NIKOL'SKY and others.

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