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В аэропорту Толмачево открылся пункт вакцинации В аэропорту Толмачево открылся пункт вакцинации

В медпункте аэропорта Толмачево 4 августа 2021 года  открылся пункт вакцинации против новой коронавирусной инфекции COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2)

22 марта 2011

During the last five years the annual passenger flow in Tolmachevo has increased in one million of passengers.

The conference, concerning the questions of passenger, baggage and cargo handling took place at the airport Tolmachevo. The representatives of JSC “Airport Tolmachevo”, different air companies and other concerned structures took part in it.

The authorities of the airport Tolmachevo presented industrial predictions for 2011 permitting the fulfillment of many projects, marked at the end of the last year. According to the speech of the general director Alexander Borodin, the enterprise privatization in March 2011 won’t prevent the realization of the determined strategy, but accelerate this process. The project works, designated to join the terminals A and B with the installation of two additional telescopic traps, have already been started. The opening of new duty-free shop is planned in May 2011.

It is important to notice that since 2006 the annual passenger flow in Tolmachevo has increased in one million of passengers. In 2010 the passenger flow came to 2,262 million and this year it is expected to come to 2,5 million of passengers. Moreover daily amount of sorties reaches 45 aircraft departures per day, which indicates the dynamic development of the enterprise.
Airport Novosibirsk (Tolmachevo) takes the 6th place in the rate of Transport Clearing Company of the largest Russian airports.

Deputy general director on economic and commercial activity Abdul Kusaev presented the prospects of routes net development to the conference participants.
Among the new directions are Ufa, Salehard, Kiev, Lanark, Berlin, Iraklion, Malakka, Tunis. Nowadays the negotiations are being carried with El Al Airlines on the flights opening to Tel-Aviv and with aircompany Turkish Airlines on the most prospective route Novosibirsk- Stambul.

Since the beginning of this year the air companies Taimyr, Turan Air and Semey Avia have joined the airport’s partner air carriers. Moreover the airport is interested in attraction of budget air companies (lowcosters), whose working specific allows decreasing the air ticket prices to 30-40 %.

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