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Андрей Травников и Александр Жуков провели совещание в аэропорту Толмачево Андрей Травников и Александр Жуков провели совещание в аэропорту Толмачево

Одной из главных тем совещания стала реализация проекта реконструкции участка автомобильной дороги федерального значения Р-254 «Иртыш»

9 марта 2011

Safe carriage of dangerous goods

The compliance certificate given by the Federal Agency of Air transport confirms that the company “Siberian aviation complex” has right to accomplished the main class dangerous goods` carriages (1.4S; 2.1; 2.2; 3; 4.1; 5.1; 6; 8 и 9). The list of dangerous goods, permitted to air transportation, was supplemented with the 7th class of danger.

The carriage of dangerous goods by air transport can be carried out only in compliance with all requirements and recommendations presented in the regulations for dangerous goods` air carriages.

Some goods are completely forbidden to carry by air transport, some can be carried only by freight air transport, and some can be carried on board the passenger plane with the observance of the packaging requirements.

The specialists of the company “Siberian aviation complex” will help determine the class of dangerous goods, inquire what documentation is necessary for cargo dispatching, as well as consult about the carriage packaging for each category of dangerous goods.

The company “Siberian aviation complex” is responsible for cargo delivering to the parking lot of the aircraft, for loading and uploading and mooring of cargo and its handling. Temporary storage of dangerous goods is not fulfilled.

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