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Аэропорт Толмачево запустил продажу собственных услуг для пассажиров на сайте аэропорта Аэропорт Толмачево запустил продажу собственных услуг для пассажиров на сайте аэропорта

Международный аэропорт (Новосибирск) Толмачево запустил модуль бронирования аэропортовых услуг для пассажиров на собственном сайте tolmachevo.ru. Теперь пассажиры, вылетающие из аэропорта Толмачево или прибывающие в него, могут приобрести необходимую услугу на сайте аэропорта, оплатив ее банковской картой.

2 июня 2009

New international carrier at Tolmachevo Airport: Pegasus Airlines launches flights to Antalya.

Turkish Pegasus Airlines has started flights by Novosibirsk-Antalya-Novosibirsk route.

Flights will be operated twice a week from May, 29 till October, 9.

The schedule is the following:
On Saturday – arriving to Novosibirsk at 02.45, departing to Antalya at 04.20 (local time).
On Wednesday - arriving to Novosibirsk at 06.50, departing to Antalya at 08.00 (local time).


Tolmachevo International Airport (Novosibirsk) is one of the five largest international airports of Russia. It is the leading aviation enterprise in terms of transported passengers in the Asian part of Russia. About a hundred aviation companies connect Novosibirsk with cities of Russia and abroad. Main shareholders: Russian Federation represented by the by the Federal Agency for Managing Federal Property – 51%, Deposit and Clearing Company - 37.12%.

Amount of cargo and mail handling in Tolmachevo International Airport in 2008 reached 20,5 th. tons (growth 10.9% to 2007). The passenger traffic in 2008 increased up to 2.109 mln. passengers (a 10.7 % increase as compared to 2007) There were 13,860 flights, a 14% increase year over year. In 2008 Company’s income reached 3,859 million rubles exceeding the rate of the last year by 25 %.

Pegasus Airlines is the private charter company based in Istanbul, Turkey, was founded in 1990.
Pegasus Airlines fleet includes 10 Boeing 737-800, 2 Boeing 737-400, 3 Boeing 737-500.

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