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За 2019 год пассажиропоток аэропорта Толмачёво увеличился на 800 тысяч пассажиров За 2019 год пассажиропоток аэропорта Толмачёво увеличился на 800 тысяч пассажиров

В прошлом году аэропорт Толмачёво обслужил 6 747 151 пассажира (+14,2%). Количество пассажиров на внутренних воздушных линиях составило 4 903 212 (+14,5%), на международных — 1 843 939 (+13,3%).

7 июля 2008

Brief Summary of Tolmachevo Airport’s Operating Activity in January-June 2008

OJSC Tolmachevo Airport summarizes results of operating activity for the first six months.

In January-June 2008 total passenger traffic of Tolmachevo International Airport (Novosibirsk) amounted 941,520 PAX (26.3 % increase to the same period of last year). In January-June, international passenger traffic amounted 200,861 (22.8 % increase to the same period of 2007) and domestic traffic increased by 27.2 % amounted 740,659 passengers. Departures were at the level of 436,069 passengers (+24.9 %), arrivals 439,104 (+23,4 %) and transit came up to 66,347 passengers (+63.0 %).

In the first half of the year number of total terminal passengers increased by 26.2 % in comparison with the same period of 2007 and amounted 935,277 passengers. Total number of aircraft movements in January-June was 13,248 (growth 30.2 %).

Total income of OJSC Tolmachevo Airport in January-June 2008 amounted 1,662.742 million RUR (growth 46.0 %).

The main reasons for the aforementioned growth of aircraft movements and passenger traffic are new flights of S7 Airlines, Transaero, Aeroflot-RA, UTair and others.


Tolmachevo International Airport (Novosibirsk) is the largest transit junction point between Europe and Asia. Technical possibilities of the airport allow it to handle every type of aircraft (passengers and cargo). The main shareholders are Russian Federation in face of Federal Agency for Managing of Federal Property – 51%, CJSC Depositor Clearing Company – 37.8%.

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