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В аэропорту Толмачево открылся пункт вакцинации В аэропорту Толмачево открылся пункт вакцинации

В медпункте аэропорта Толмачево 4 августа 2021 года  открылся пункт вакцинации против новой коронавирусной инфекции COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2)

16 мая 2008

Israel’s Ministry of Transport Inspects Tolmachevo

The meeting of Tolmachevo International Airport’s management (Novosibirsk) with the Deputy Director of Aviation Security Department of Israel’s Ministry of Transport – Mr. Moshe Zalmenson took place on May, 13th.

The main purpose of the meeting was solving the questions connected with inspection check for readiness of Tolmachevo Airport to flight operations of Dalavia Airlines from Novosibirsk to Tel Aviv (Israel).

The representative of Israeli party was primarily interested in the level of aviation security in Tolmachevo. Mr. Zalmenson inspected all controlled objects of the airport and Tolmachevo Airport’s operating terminals. Besides, Moshe Zalmenson has taken part in negotiations with General Director’s Deputy on Aviation Security– Alexander Efrosinin, the Chief of Aviation Security Service - Vladimir Komarov and Head of Airport Operations Control Center – Vladimir Leontiev.

Dalavia Airlines plans to operate flights on route Khabarovsk-Novosibirsk-Tel-Aviv this summer. The decision of the Israeli party on results of inspection check will be taken in the nearest future.


An international airport «Tolmachevo» is the biggest transit junction between Europe and Asia. Technical possibilities allow to operate every kind of air crafts (passengers and cargo). The main shareholders are Russian Federation in face of federal agency to manage federal property – 51%, ZAO «Depositor Clearing company» - 37,12%.

Amount of cargo and mail handling in international airport «Tolmachevo» in the year 2007 – 18 667,3 tons. Amount of passengers in the year 2007 – 1 873 496 people. Income for 2007 – 2 867 072 thousand rubles.

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