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Информационное сообщение о переводе всех рейсов внутренних авиалиний в Сектор С Информационное сообщение о переводе всех рейсов внутренних авиалиний в  Сектор  С

АО «Аэропорт Толмачево» информирует о том, что 25.04.2023 в аэропорту Новосибирск (Толмачево) осуществляется перевод всех рейсов (вылет и прилет)  внутренних авиалиний в Сектор С.

11 апреля 2008

Tolmachevo Airport will take part in Asia Route Development Forum.

The delegation from Tolmachevo Airport (Novosibirsk) will take part in forum Routes-Asia held in Macao on April 13-14, 2008.

At the Forum Tolmachevo Airport will be represented with a team of top-managers headed by the General director of airport - Alexey Chertenkov. Management of the Company plans to meet and negotiate with representatives of passenger and cargo airlines.

In exhibition the delegation of the airport will represent Tolmachevo Airport’s stand, a presentation video and advertising materials about the development and prospects of Tolmachevo International Airport.

Annual regional Asian forum Routes-Asia is dedicated for the airports and airlines from Asian- Pacific region only. It is expected, that participation in three-day event on development of aviation routes will allow representatives of the airport to come into direct contacts to the international air carriers, to give offers to the heads of airlines and to declare opportunities of Tolmachevo. Over 300 delegates will take part in the Forum.

Let's remind, that the delegation of JSC "Tolmachevo Airport " participated in work of the World Route Development Forum (Stockholm, on September, 23-25). Back then negotiations with representatives of passenger airlines Air Berlin, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, CSA Czech Airlines, Thai Airlines, cargo airlines DHL, FedEx Express, UPS, Air China Cargo, etc. took place. Meetings were most productive with the representatives from the countries of Asian- Pacific region. On results of the event General director of Tolmachevo airport Alexey Chertenkov has declared, that " way more interest Tolmachevo represents for the Asian companies, considering constantly growing demand for Europe - Asia routes ".

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