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С 3 сентября меняется порядок входа/выхода пассажиров в аэровокзальный комплекс Толмачёво С 3 сентября меняется порядок входа/выхода пассажиров в аэровокзальный комплекс Толмачёво

С 10:00 3 сентября вход А3 (сектор А) будет закрыт. Вход в здание аэровокзального комплекса для пассажиров внутренних и международных авиалиний будет осуществляться через вход Б1 (сектор Б).

16 ноября 2007

Eurasian Bank will support the reconstruction of Tolmachevo International airport.

The agreement between Eurasian bank and administration of Novosibirsk region was signed during the Forum of border regions of Russia and Kazakhstan, held in Novosibirsk in October 3-5.

Document will promote the development of large close-to-border infrastructure projects. Eurasian Bank is the first bank, which signed such an agreement with Novosibirsk region.

Among the most perspective projects of bilateral agreement implementation is reconstruction of Tolmachevo International airport, financing of equipment purchasing for aviation enterprise named after Chkalov and investments in construction of water-power station for project capacity of 500-600 MW in Novosibirsk region.

Investor's interest to the region is increasing, - commented Victor Tolokonsky, the Governor of Novosibirsk region. – Banks are ready to invest in important objects for the region.

Before the bilateral agreement was signed, Igor Levitin, Russian Minister of Transport, and Eugeniy Bachurin, the Head of Rosaviatcia, checked the current situation for the implementation of Tolmachevo International airport’s General Plan of Development. We remind that the total cost of the project is over 20 billion rubles. Private investments into the project realization already have amounted 600 million rubles, 40 million rubles were invested from the budget of Novosibirsk region. These funds are used for reconstruction of operating runway, airport infrastructure, passenger terminals, construction of hotels, car-port, catering department, logistics, expo- and trade-entertaining centers, united as "Big Tolmachevo". Restoration of Domestic flights terminal facade was finished within very short terms. Terminal area is also being fast developed. The first stage of cargo terminal is expected to be put into operation in the end of October. Technical capabilities allow Tolmachevo International airport currently handle all types of passenger and cargo aircraft. Over 100 airlines use the airport services, 80 of them has direct ground handling agreements.


Eurasian bank was established by Russia and Kazakhstan. One of the bank's goals is to support the interregional cooperation between the states – members of the bank. At present time a number of big projects are in stage of implementation with total amount of $ 221.5 millions.

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