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Торжественное открытие первого рейса в столицу Японии Торжественное открытие первого рейса в столицу Японии

2 июня партнёр аэропорта Толмачёво S7 Airlines выполнила первый прямой регулярный рейс из Новосибирска в Токио.

24 июля 2007

Tolmachevo airport has started to service ATR 42-320 aircrafts

Since 16th May, the flights, which are carried out by Utair airlines on that type of aircraft, became regular. The operating personnel of " Aircraft maintenance center of Tolmachevo " has passed the corresponding training, the airport received the admission on maintenance service for that type of aircrafts.

P. S. ATR 42-320 – medium-range passenger aircraft for local airlines. The aircraft corresponds to all modern world requirements on safety of flights and can carry out flights not only in Russian air space, but also European and American.

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